This problem is most common in a married couple. Loss of physical intimacy is not just being referred to the sex life but also simply holding hands, kissing and hugging. For married people, loss intimacy is common because of busyness with work, hobbies or family responsibilities. Intimacy pertains to the close and connected feelings with your partner and builds along the way.


A lack of intimacy can be a major source of argument and eventually separation between partners because it can result in frustration, disappointment, and anxiety. Most of the time, men are the ones being affected when there is a loss of physical intimacy and it could affect their confidence along the way that can have a high damage effect on the relationship. On the other hand, a lack of intimacy for women can be as bad as it could for men in marriage.


Although there are still marriages who survive without physical intimacy, it is still needed for their duty as husband and wife. This situation can be very visible in some cultures where they forced to marry whom they don’t love. They can last without having physical intimacy, but they still have to because economic wise they have to bear a child or children. Even though it sounds strange, it is actually reasonable and sensible.


When we became comfortable in a relationship we tend to care less but that is it should be like. Keep the physical intimacy high to share a bond with your partner and share more time together while doing things to cherish memories.

There is certainly no such thing as a perfect relationship. At the time there will be challenges and difficulties to face to make the relationship stronger and tighter. Being in a relationship cannot be a responsibility of one person only, it should be both ways. I would suggest to look and assess your relationship with your significant other and see how you can improve whatever you both have right now to put excitement in the relationship.







This concept might not be the most common problem you can think of when you think of love problem, but I believe that this can really be a problem when you both do not know what your love language and your partner to understand each other well. Having a different love language is like having a different perspective on everything. You both are showing your love for one another differently that sometimes it cannot be understood so it causes misunderstanding and argument.


The different love languages are Word of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Quality Time. A Word of Affirmation person is someone who likes everything to be acknowledged by his/ her significant other. For example, she had a new haircut and she shows it to you. You should say at least “Hey, it looks nice on you” or “you look beautiful”. These people want to be praised and appreciated through words. While a person whose love language is Gifts, they want to feel appreciated through gifts or material things. Another love language is Acts of Service. These people like to be served or getting favor from other people. That way they feel love.  On the other hand, a person who likes Physical Touch always needs a hug or a kiss to feel loved. The last love language is Quality Time


These people like it when you spend time and bond with him/her despite the business. This way he or she can feel appreciated.


When we are in a relationship, we have to think that whatever what we want others to do to us, it’s also the same thing we should show to other people. We should give our partner what they want and everything will be smooth and okay. Try to appreciate more your partner more in the way they wanted to be appreciated.




Finding out that the person you love is having an affair with someone else would be the most painful thing that would happen in a relationship. Why? Because you have put so much of yourself in the relationship, expecting that he or she is doing the same thing and knowing that your significant other is paying attention with someone else then you can be really disappointing and frustrating.  Most of the things I have mentioned above can be the cause of having a third party, lack of communication, lack of time and lack of trust. This problem can be very hard to deal with and it could really have a huge impact on our lives for a long time.


A third party can not only be particularly a person, it can also be work, money, a family member, friends or even hobbies. The happy relationship you are expecting can turn into a nightmare for you especially if that is your first committed relationship, it can be really hard to get over with. Third parties can result in an instant break up and the sad part about it is that it is hard to bring back the good relationship that you both had even when you are outside the relationship. Sometimes it cannot be the same at all. That is why communication is very important. When you are feeling dry or not happy anymore with the relationship, talk to another person. I’d rather have some time off and eventually end it in a nice way, than break up because I was found flirting or having an affair with another person.


The presence of a third party in a relationship can certainly make things worse. It is a complicated situation that anyone should avoid. For this not to happen, you should always make time and give importance to your significant other no matter how busy you are. Find time to talk and bond with your partner. Problems arise when insecurity comes in. You should also always be careful when dealing with another person especially when you feel like that person has something towards you. Run away from the temptation. Keep your focus with the person you are with because you have committed with this person.